In general, we do not believe that homework is appropriate for kindergarten age students. This age learns through play and that is what we feel they should be doing at home.

But as a parent:
You have homework: Read to your children---every night. It does not matter who reads, but each student is to be read to every night. Each child has a reading record in which to record the books that are read to them. This is to be signed every night by the person doing the reading. We will keep track of students reading records as part of the Pizza Hut BOOK IT program. Each student who reads 20 books during the month will receive a coupon for a personal pan pizza courtesy of Pizza Hut.

Research shows that reading with a child every day is the number one indicator of that child becoming a successful reader and student.

For those of you who would like more you will find a list of beneficial hands-on homework that we recommend you complete with your child during the week. These activities use materials found in your home and mirror the hands on learning that takes place in our classrooms. These activities are not intended for you to send back to school. From time to time we will send homework projects tied to our units of inquiry that will be graded and count towards the quarterly grade on the report card.

Remember kids learn by doing. TV and video games are not the best ways to encourage doing or learning. Please limit your child's time on these activities to an hour, or less, per day. Your child's time is much better spent in creative dramatic play, playing with construction manipulatives such as blocks or Legos, or drawing. Always allow your children access to paper, crayons, pencils, markers etc. Drawing is an important pre-writing skill. It helps to get those small muscles in the hand doing what the child wants them to do. This is often especially important in some boys whose large motor muscles tend to develop first and are therefore used more than the small motor muscles.

What can you do with your child at home besides reading?
  • Complete the activities listed on the weekly newsletter and POI newsletter
  • Draw pictures and label them
  • Name letters
  • Identify sounds
  • Spell c-v-c words (cat, bed, pig, dog, run)
  • Learn to read and write our sight words 
  • Recite nursery rhymes
  • Match and make rhyming pairs
  • Write your first and last name
  • Count objects around the house
  • Write the numerals 1 20
  • Identify shapes
  • Use the ideas in the School-Home Links Reading Kit
  • Use the ideas from the PALS website
  • Download a complete list of our SIGHT WORDS 
  • Download a copy of our Nursery Rhymes
  • Download ABC chart
  • Download K Sight Word Booklet
  • Download rhyming cards
  • Download Parent Resource Cards